Photography provided by Jared Chambers & LA Metro

The Young Professionals in Transportation - Los Angeles Chapter (YPT-LA) was founded in 2013 for young professionals in the transportation field within the Los Angeles area.


We aim to provide our members with career guidance, fellowship, and networking opportunities, through speaking events and presentations by leaders in the transportation field, technical tours, monthly happy hours, and other educational/social events.

We welcome all transportation engineers, urban planners, transportation operations/planner professionals, civil engineers, and all other professionals in related fields within the Los Angeles area to participate.


YPT-LA Board of directors

Jacqueline Su
LA Metro, Transportation Planner

Deputy Chair
Eddie Isaacs

Secretary/Vice Chair for Administration
Samuel Hopp

Treasurer/Vice Chair for Finance
Eric Dasmalchi 

Vice Chair for Communications
Austin Phung
LA Metro, Transportation Associate

Vice Chair for Programs/Events
Brett Thomas
LA Metro, Senior Transportation Planner


Our Mission

YPT - Los Angeles is proud to be a chapter of YPT International. 

As a non-profit trade association, YPT International has worked fastidiously to increase the value of a career in transportation. We strive to provide opportunities for growth and development to our members, who are part of a wide variety of professionals in the ever-growing transportation sector.

Young Professionals in Transportation (YPT) is an international group of young transportation professionals based in Washington, DC with a growing network of chapters around the United States. Membership to YPT is open to all young transportation professionals around the world. We DO NOT have an age-restricted definition of “young” in YPT. Anyone is welcome to participate in our activities.